I'm sorry for not editing too much on this wiki...I hope to be active more, but I've been having a lot of trouble. I want to make a few episodes, so this is kinda a "teaser" blog post where I'll be showing off what episodes I'm going to do. Like any of the ideas? Post a comment!

A McBarf episode

An episode focusing on a few kindergarteners having to eat the McBarf food for the first time when they forget to bring lunch.

A field day episode

Field Day: the one day of the year when everyone is placed on either the Pink team or the Yellow team and gets really competitive. What happens when Breeze and Mallow find themselves placed on opposing color teams?

An episode debuting students of other grades

I was thinking there could be an episode with first-graders and fourth-graders in it.

And more

Coming soon! ^_^

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