This will be at the end of Dibs!
So Random - Mackenzie Stalls-001:30

So Random - Mackenzie Stalls-0

Just pretend this is not from So Random! or Sonny With a Chance

Ending moment

Narrator: On the next Seymour Stalls passions over flow.

Trixie: (as Jinx) I though we were going to be together, but I can't forgive you! You left the toilet seat up!

Cyborg: (as See-More) It was a moment of weakness. But I'm not the only one here.

Trixie: (as Jinx) You mean?

Cyborg: (as See-More) Yes! (whispers) You forgot to flush!

Narrator: As trust will never exist any longer!

Starfire: (as Sweetie) I can't hold it in anymore. Tell me the truth! Did you wash your hands?

Robin: (as Billy) Of course I did!

Starfire: (as Sweetie) Lies! (slaps Billy in the face)

Robin: (as Billy) OW!

Narrator: And someone didn't read the writing on the stall!

Trixie: (as Jinx) Your not welcome here Seymour!

Cyborg: (as See-More) Why!? You think I'm richer than you!

Trixie: (as Jinx) No. Because this is the girls bathroom!

Cyborg: (as See-More)(gasps) WHHHHHHHHHHHHY!?

Trixie: (as Jinx) And your zipper is open!

Cyborg: (as See-More)(gasps) BYYYYYYYYYYYYE!?

Narrator: In a world flushed with drama the number one show is now number 4. Seymour Stalls!

Angelica: (as the announcer) Starting See-Poopmore!

See-More: Poopmore!? Oh it's on, yo!


  • This is a parody of Mackenzie Stalls.

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