Day 1

- See-More pushes Cyborg in the lava(Cyborg is a idiot)

- Raven almost got stabbed by Jinx(whatever)

- Robin and Starfire almost killed Velvet(thank goodness Velvet survived)

- Beast Boy turned into a dog, ate chocolate and died(dogs can die by chocolate)

Day 2

- Billy and Sweetie hid in a bush(why would they even)

- Robin's staff broke, Mammoth sat on him and Robin died(yay)

- Raven looked in her book(don't ask)

- Cloud E. looked interesting at the sky thinking she's going to die(yep)

Day 3

- Velvet throws Rosebud in a fire and Rosebud dies(I don't know where Rosebud came from, but she's not in little elementary even Rosebud doesn't really count)

- Mammoth ate a PB&J sandwich(why would you do that)

- See-More holds Jinx and running away along with her(ok I don't really get it)

- Starfire tried to destroy the fire(you can't destroy fire)

Day 4-6(no deaths)

- Cloud E.'s halo is broken by Mammoth(yeah)

- Jinx's dress is on fire and See-More puts water on the dress(what the what)

- Starfire's hair looks short or ripped by the fire, she's angry and Sweetie laughs at her(sweetie is so a idiot)

- Billy duplicates himself to 10 Billy's(ok then)

Day 7

- See-More sets off a bomb and it kills Starfire(thankfully)

- Peanut steps into a landmine and falls(well that was stupid)

- Mammoth ate grass(gross)

- Sweetie fell off of a tree to her death(yeah)

Day 8

- Cloud E. gets stung by a wasp and dies(breeze is gonna kill me)

- Raven gets blind and dies(how can you get blind and die)

- Velvet gets squashed by a thwomp(noooooo)

Day 9-10(no deaths)

- Mammoth farts in front of a worm(definitely gross)

- Billy cries because his girlfriend fell off of a tree(yeah)

- Jinx and See-More kiss(ew)

Day 11

- Mammoth ate toxic berries and dies(noooo)

- Billy smelled a deadly fart and died(noooo)

- Jinx and See-More died because there was a bee that stung them(noooo)


(none of them even won)

(This was fake with the older kids and also Gizmo's idea even know he's not even 13)

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