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  • My occupation is Being friendly to others
  • I am Girl aka Female
  • 303melosi

    Testing newer Stuff

    March 11, 2016 by 303melosi


    My BFF

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  • 303melosi

    Template Test

    February 2, 2016 by 303melosi
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  • 303melosi

    Seymour Stalls

    January 30, 2016 by 303melosi

    This will be at the end of Dibs!

    Narrator: On the next Seymour Stalls passions over flow.

    Trixie: (as Jinx) I though we were going to be together, but I can't forgive you! You left the toilet seat up!

    Cyborg: (as See-More) It was a moment of weakness. But I'm not the only one here.

    Trixie: (as Jinx) You mean?

    Cyborg: (as See-More) Yes! (whispers) You forgot to flush!

    Narrator: As trust will never exist any longer!

    Starfire: (as Sweetie) I can't hold it in anymore. Tell me the truth! Did you wash your hands?

    Robin: (as Billy) Of course I did!

    Starfire: (as Sweetie) Lies! (slaps Billy in the face)

    Robin: (as Billy) OW!

    Narrator: And someone didn't read the writing on the stall!

    Trixie: (as Jinx) Your not welcome here Seymour!

    Cyborg: (as See-More) Why!? …

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  • 303melosi

    New episodes planed

    January 1, 2016 by 303melosi

    So any ways you guys I have been think about new episodes, so enjoy!

    If you heard of "The Secret Garden" you might understand. It'll might be a parody of it.

    It will be a episode focusing on Raven.

    The episode might focus on some kindergarteners.

    This episode will focus on Cake, because she loves donuts.

    It will be an episode focusing on Water, also the others (except for Sweater and Velvet) saying "BUMMER!".

    It might focus on somebody.

    That's all episodes planned right now so toodles! ~ 303melosi

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  • 303melosi

    Star Butterfly: I got an idea!

    Breeze: What is it?

    Star Butterfly: Let's build a fort!

    (now in the fort)

    Breeze: We should hang out more!

    Star Butterfly: Oh yeah!


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