So Wrong is a song made up by Tangerine, Tart and Piña, to brag about Water critcizing people. This was originally a TTG song from Nose Mouth. (note: just pretend that the le characters are singing this and not ttg)

Teen Titans Go! - Raven Was Wrong00:40

Teen Titans Go! - Raven Was Wrong

Lyrics Edit


I hope you don't mind conversations! You know what this means!


Don't even dare.


Oh yeah! Time for Water was wrong dance!


Pick an apple put it in a basket! Pick an apple put it in a basket! Row that boat dig a hole! Shake your butt, shake your butt!

Tangerine and Tart:

So wrong, so wrong Water was so wrong! Wrong so wrong, Water was so wrong!


Now you're going to fix anything that annoys us?


(sighs) These things only keep me company in this DUMB school.

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