Summary Edit

After Gizmo quitting his gang, Jinx, See-More, Mammoth and Billy form a group called "Loser Force HIVE" to be superhero's to save Gizmo from Streamers.

Transcript Edit

(meanwhile at HIVE Tower)

Gizmo: Sorry guys I may have to quit.

Jinx: Why?

Gizmo: Well, I have to you know hang out with STUPID Streamers.

Mammoth: Ok dude. Take your time.

Billy: Have a nice day!

(Gizmo leaves)


Jinx: I have an idea! Loser Force HIVE!

Mammoth: What's that?

Jinx: It's our new gang! I basically formed it before you boys did!

Billy: So why are we forming the gang?

Jinx: Because I get to pick who you guys are! I'll go first! Bubble Wrap Woamn!

See-More: Um, are we villains and not superhero's- Oh wait a second! Were trying to save Gizmo aren't we..!

(now at school)


Gizmo: Just coming back.

Giggly: At least he's got a point.

Streamers: Hmmm. If you want to be back you'll be forced to kiss me!

Gizmo: Okay..?

Breeze: Streamers? Gizmo?

Streamers: (facepalm)


Trivia Edit

  • This may be a reference to one of the episodes from "Sonny With a Chance" when Sonny quits "So Random!" to "Mackenzie Falls", but at the end Sonny returns to "So Random!"
  • The title name is a reference to "Loser Force Five" despite being referenced to it.
  • This is the first time Gizmo, Jinx, See-More, Mammoth and Billy change their names. However their names are references to the "Loser Force Five" members, but the next episode their names will be Gizmo, Jinx, See-More, Mammoth and Billy.
    • Gizmo as Baby Man
    • Jinx as Bubble Wrap Woman
    • See-More as Electric Man
    • Mammoth as Bed Head Man
    • Billy as Gross Man

Running GagsEdit

  • See-More licking one of his fingers, putting the finger on Billy and Billy complaining about it.


  • Jinx's outfit is a reference to the Lalaloopsy "Bubble Smack 'N' Pop" which is kinda nice, but add bubble wrap to it.

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