"No matter what Cyborg does, I think he's giving See-More a headache." ~ Cloud E.

Cloud E.

Personally Edit

She is nice to everyone and doesn't bother anyone! However she gets serious sometimes!

Relationships Edit

Peanut Edit

They were best friends even when they were kindergarteners, but Peanut has become less close with her since 4th grade when Boo Scaredy Cat did a favor for her.

Boo Edit

In 4th grade, Boo helped her participate more in class and get higher grades, which is why they are now BFFs.

Breeze Edit

She is Breeze's big sister!

Trivia Edit

  • She loves TTG!
  • She doesn't talk to Robin a lot!
  • She likes Angelica!
  • She hates Cyborg when he bothers See-More!

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