"Hi! I'm Breeze E. Sky! Nice to meet ya!" What Breeze says to a new student

"Sneeeeeeeeee!" Breeze in Nautical Nonsense

"You're getting it, Bundles!" Breeze to Bundles in Nautical Nonsense

"Guys! Tomorrow it's my favorite type of cake day!" Breeze in Velvet's B-Day

"This is it, kindergarten cheerleading!" Breeze to Bundles and Tiny in The Tryouts

"If this is possible I would like someone to prove it!" Breeze in HashtagIlickthings

"Look at that you guys! Sis formed awesomeness!" Breeze in HashtagIlickthings

"Woah! I didn't think Mellie was a bummer!" Breeze in BUMMER!


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